Amazing Fantasy Author Carol Berg

Posted on February 17, 2016 Note: This is re-blogged from the The Talkative Writer’s guest post with American fantasy author Carol Berg. ( Carol Berg is an amazing world-builder. Her characters are unique and fascinating. Her writing is superb. No tacky sentences, no bad grammar—no disappointments! “Dust and Light,” her latest, is a must-read. — Claudia […]

The Most Beautiful Horses in the World

While writing Ties of Smoke, book two in The Djinn Chronicles, I researched gypsies or Romas, in 1800 England. It turns out that the ornately decorated gypsy wagon, or vardo, wasn’t in popular use until around 1830 or so (sources differ, some say the late 1800’s). Until then, most gypsies lived in bender tents, domed […]